Wild Manta, LLC - Product Design, Company Building

We build Companies and Products from Ideas

Wild Manta develops, educates, inspires, and enables those building lasting companies from inspired ideas.

Who are we?

We believe that inspired products and ideas spring from inspired people through culture, education, vision, passion, and dedication. We work with companies every day to achieve all of this on their journey to create their product. The Wild Manta was founded to provide an open-access for people to grow their busness whether you are 8 or 80 and whether you are going it alone or part of a large company. We have a passion for innovative products that change lives and make better people


People buy what they like. So why not make it that way?

Whether you are buying electronics, outdoor products, medical device, power tools, jewelry, or a new phone, you buy what you like. Your customers are no different. When you think of them first, you create disruptive products that can become a dominant player in your market.


Great products showcase great design. Products should do what they do well. But they also have to look good while doing it! We've developed a many products from Bluetooth headsets to Medical Devices to Bait Buckets and we are obsessed with making them look their best while operating at their hightest level.

Great products come from great companies

Your company's brand promise and culture is what tells the world who you are. Your products just the proof of it. We want to understand you, not just sell you something. We succeed when your product is an embodiment of your promise and a lasting company comes out of a healthy culture.


You buy from brands that you trust, your customers or perspective customers do the same thing. Even in the age of the Internet, most people major purchases from people, not companies. The culture of your company is your brand. It is the reason people do business with you. We believe it all starts there. Establishing this foundation makes your company and your product more appealing to customers and investors.

"Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it."

- M. Cuban

Products & Services

Here is a little bit about what we do at Wild Manta.


Creative Design
We design products and systems from the simple to the complex

While we specialize in consumer products, we have developed items from small kitchen gadgets, outdoor products, integrated medical devices to communications equipment and Government Systems. Each one of them is near and dear to us.

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Developed Products
We strive for products that will inspire the next generation of leaders and inventors.

When you come into Wild Manta, you will see products. Some are products we beleive will inspire our visitors in their uniqueness, some will help educate, and some will be products that we helped disign.

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Our Facilities
Our facility is open to anyone that wants to use it or meet here.

We are a perpetual Open House. There are no closed doors at Wild Manta. We designed our facility with a professional hi-tech look and feel, but also to be welcoming and comforting. We even have an on-site cafe for snacks. It isn't just an office building. It's an environment that you are welcome to enjoy.

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